Q:     Does Medex Imaging Inc. perform medical procedures; i.e. MRI, CT Scan?

A:      Medex Imaging Inc. DOES NOT perform medical procedures. Medex Sells, services, and installs X-ray equipment. We can also perform preventive maintenance and evaluation of X-ray equipment upon request. We also have an in-house Radiologic Technologist that is available for advisement.

Q:    Is Medex Imaging Inc responsible for referred contractors/vendors?

A:     No, in order to maintain our company’s optimal customer service and labor reliability/guarantee Medex Imaging Inc. shall never be responsible, in any way, for referred contractors. It is solely the customer’s responsibility to verify, supervise, and ensure the contractor is qualified to perform the requested work. Medex Imaging Inc’s responsibilities terminate at the level of its own registered and verified employees.

Q:    Where is Medex Imaging located?

A:     Medex Imaging Inc. is located at 4834 Beach 48th St, Brooklyn NY, 11224. MAP

Q:    What type of billing methods does Medex Imaging Inc. accept?

A:     Medex Imaging Inc. accepts all types of payment methods, including but not limited to MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, Visa, Check, Money order, etc.

Q:     What is Medex Imaging Inc.'s Hourly rate?

A:     Medex Imaging Inc. charges an hourly rate of $150.00, including a standard one hour travel time at the same rate, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST. Medex Imaging Inc. charges $300.00 for overtime work.

Q:     What is Medex Imaging Inc's overtime Policy?

A:     1) Overtime rate of $300.00 will be charged on service calls that requires a Medex Imaging Inc.             representative for:

                a) Service call response after 4:00 PM (EST) Monday-Friday

                b) Service calls placed after 3:00 PM (EST) requesting same-day service.

         2) Overtime rate of $500.00 will be charged on service calls that requires a Medex Imaging Inc. representative for:

                a) Observed Holidays                         

                b) Weekends

Q:     What is Medex Imaging Inc.'s response time once a call has been placed?

A:     Medex Imaging Inc. will send a representative to the worksite within 24 hours of the initially placed call.

Q:     What is Medex Imaging Inc.'s payment policy?

A:     Medex Imaging Inc. department of account receivables has a net 30 payment policy for all customers.

Q:     What is Medex Imaging Inc.'s Holiday schedule?

A:     The holiday schedule that is Medex Imaging Inc. follows can be found by clicking HERE.

Q:     Where can I find Medex Imaging Inc.'s Terms and conditions?

A:     Medex Imaging's Terms and conditions can be viewed/downloaded by clicking HERE.

Q:     What is Medex Imaging Inc’s policy on “Recall Service”?

A:     Recall service is considered valid only when the service is fully paid, and when the EXACT problem has re-occurred within two weeks from the original completed service date.

Q:     What is Medex Imaging Inc’s minimum labor cost per service call?

A:     Medex Imaging has a minimum labor cost of two hours per service call not including travel time.